Christmas and New Year in the UK

Our apologies for the lack of updates during December and over Christmas and New Year.

We all went back to the UK for 3 weeks vacation (well, Simon worked a few days) to enjoy the festive time with friends and family.  During this time, some dumbass switched off the IT kit in the house, when meant that the website could not easily be updated – hence it wasn’t updated at all 🙁

Anyway, we got back yesterday evening following a 4 1/2 hour drive down to London’s Heathrow airport, and then a 11 hour flight direct to San Francisco.

The boys were really good considering the amount of time spent sat down doing very little, and they really enjoyed Christmas Day #3 when they found a third set of parcels here in Los Gatos.  The first set were in Ossett and the second in Halifax.  Father Christmas really has spoiled them this year 🙂

We are hoping to begin Olly’s training tonight, as he has been unwell during most of the time in the UK, culminating in his requirement of sleeping in the same bed as mummy and daddy pretty much every night.  We allowed him to sleep with us again last night, what with it being our first night back, and hence our need for sleep to get into the timezone etc.  Tonight he will not be so lucky….

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