Rain, rain, go away, come back another day…

You  guessed it – it is raining today 🙁

Kerry has come back for another two weeks holiday / stress with the Rusts 🙂  Mummy and Kerrie have ventured out to the shops leaving the boys behind to play in the house – yay !  We are under reasonably strict (and fair) orders to NOT go to the toy shop today.

Simon is heading to New York later for 5 days so we are making the most of the day today.

The clocks finally went back here in the US so we are all back to 8 hours behind the UK folks (we were 7 hours for the last week since the UK clocks went back on the 31st October.

We all travelled down to Monterey Bay yesterday (south of Santa Cruz on the coast) to visit the Aquarium – nearly everybody we have spoken to has told us it is a great place to go.  We are not quite as positive as all – while it was nice, it was definitely pumped up to be much more that we saw yesterday – but then the day out was nice all the same 🙂

All the street corners that were Pumpkin Patches last week are in the midst of transformation to be Christmas corners 🙂  Quite incredible how quickly some of them are moving on ….

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