Olly on the temperature again…

Yesterday afternoon he started, and he would not sleep solo last night.  Olly’s temperature hit just over 39 degrees at midnight, and while it was subsequently controlled, it has fluctuated significantly today.

We ended up taking him to the paediatrician just for safety sake.  The news is positive – he does not have one of the nasty bugs that are seemingly going around at present, and while his throat was a little red and tender, it is nothing for concern.

We learned however, that we can drug him up some more and it is safe to do so – great – armed with this knowledge, we should be set for the next 24 hours as we know that an increased supply of the calpol etc will control it, but we had previously thought that that increased supply was not good.

Hopefully he will be all clear of this issue tomorrow and we can enjoy the carnival 🙂

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