Kerrie can’t jump :-(

We have been to the Watsonville airfield on two occasion now for Kerrie to take an 18,000 feet skydive (landing on the beach) and on both occasions there has been fog at the coast which has prevented her from going.

It has been a great test for her courage and nerves since she is now really determined that she wants to do it,

There is a really cool airshow that will be taking place over the Labor Day weekend holiday at the airfield with all sorts of aircraft from WWII fighter planes to modern day jets, and a huge US airforce load lugging beast – like the one in con air 🙂

With luck, and no fog, Kerrie will get to jump on Monday – her last chance to do this time in California.

Elliot’s first day at school was today, with next week being the first real days at school – i.e. there are about 16 children in his class so he will meet them all on Tuesday next week.

Having selected this school, we are somewhat concerned that we have made a mistake – Vicky needs to work there also one day a eek, and already next Friday she can’t make it – then two weeks later Simon is not able to look after Olly again – hence this may have been a mistake.  Time will tell us.

Mummy is back having had her fun weekend away in Vegas 🙂

Olly’s walking skills are strengthening by the day and today mummy has bought him some proper shoes, having had his feet measured etc.  Apparently he walks funny in them 🙂

Simon is working this week at a show in San Francisco and so is commuting to and from San Francisco each day.

Thursday night is Kerrie’s big night for the sky dive – hopefully we will get some video and / or photos to share.

Simon is also getting ready for his week trip to Australia and New Zealand that starts on Saturday night.

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