Simon is back in CA

Simon spent some time this morning in New York pacing the streets and then flew back to SFO this evening. His bag was first off the conveyor, the bus was right there to take him to the car park and the car was easy to find, fired up straight away and the traffic home was effortless – mega result !! 🙂

While in NYC, there was a film crew on 35th and Broadway that were actually shooting a movie as Simon walked by – never seen anything like that before – very cool.

The white house is exactly as we left it fortunately so Simon has walked into ease 🙂

There was a letterbox full of crap though 🙁

Tomorrow, Simon is probably going to go out cycling for a big portion of the day, and then Monday is all about opening up the new office in San Jose.

Elliot went to see Toy Story 3 with Tyler during last week and really enjoyed it so we might just go ad see it in 3D next week or the week after 🙂

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