Holiday FINALLY booked – we are going to Hawaii :-)

It has taken a lot of to’ing and fro’ing, but we have finally decided to go to Waikiki Beach for our August vacation.  We have just 10 minutes ago booked 7 nights at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort and Spa that sits right on the edge of Waikiki beach.

We were debating (early on) San Diego or Las Vegas, but decided that Vegas would be too hot in August and San Diego would require a car and hence need us to drive around a lot.  SO, it ultimately came down to Waikiki OR Maui, and Maui gave us the impression of car requirements also.

So we shot for Waikiki – there were some good offers on with the Hilton, and so even though it is a MUCH bigger hotel than we would normally go for, we were able to upgrade the rooms significantly before it came to a cost near an alternative in the same area 🙂

We hope to get to Vegas in November, so we won’t be losing out 🙂

Poor mummy has been tres ill today, so we didn’t get out to Gilroy Gardens as we had planned unfortunately 🙁  Hopefully she will be feeling better tomorrow as daddy is heading out to New York tomorrow night.

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