Hawaii or Vegas?

We have been debating for the last 24 hours whether we go to Vega for 7 days OR Hawaii for 7 days when grandma and granddad come out for two weeks in August.

Hawaii is a place none of us have been to, so we don’t have a clue what to expect, but Vegas – Vicky, Simon and Elliot have been before so we have an idea where to go etc.

Suspect that Hawaii may just win out even though it is more expensive.  It is also 5 hours longer to get there on the plane 🙁

We found a shop last night that sells British chocolate so we nipped in and bought ourselves a few bars.  A bar of Cadbury Caramel that would have cost no more than £1.50 cost us $6.99 + tax ….. Guess it worth the extra cost – v nice to have a few chunks of it after tea last night 🙂

We also bought a magic bullet blender in Costco so we are V likely to be having frozen cocktails tonight when the boys go to bed 🙂

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