Bank Holiday weekend beckons…

Daddy has been in Houston, Texas this week – apparently it was 95 degrees F, and every time he stepped outside, if felt like he was stepping into an oven… 🙂 Accordingly it will be just as bad, erm, good in Florida – only 10 days to go…..

We have ordered (and now received) our HD DVR – Sky HD for the UK readers – it is now installed and operational so we can now record TV shows while we are not here – all for $15 per month – bargain.  We obviously now need a new TV to go with it – then we can move the existing TV down into the lounge area so that we can relax down there once the kids are in bed etc.

We have also taken delivery of Olly’s new pushchair – this is the one that converts into a car seat that is allowed on planes etc – should make life a bit easier when travelling – will be testing it out in the next couple of weeks 🙂

Got a long weekend ahead of us this weekend – Memorial Day.  Hopefully the weather will improve and the rain will go away – then we can get out on the bikes – with Daddy being away this week, we have not used them since we picked them up last week – got to make sure that they don’t continue being nice things that decorate the inside of the garage.

Sat watching Transformers in HD so time to go….. 🙂

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