Another weekend – and we have bikes :-)

Wow, another weekend has caught us up 🙂

We collected the bikes and bike trailer last night.  We walked the 1.5 miles to the bike shop so we could ride back 🙂  Elliot’s legs soon “ran out of petrol” and he requested a carry 🙂  V funny – Simon recalls having “poorly yegs” but don’t recall having fuelling issues 🙂

The boys creamed with delight on the way home in their new chariot – let’s just hope they continue to enjoy it they way they did on the short journey home 🙂  It seems their early gripes are surrounding the safety helmets that they must wear – I guess they will get used to them 🙂

We have a feature packed weekend that began with Simon nipping out to have both cars washed this morning before the boys etc were out of bed – job 1, done 🙂

Hopefully we will get out for a ride on the bikes later this morning and then we are going out for a BBQ at a colleagues of Simon’s this afternoon and then are going tomorrow to another colleagues in Half Mon Bay – nice small ocean front town.  Elliot and Olly will get the opportunity to play on the beach etc assuming that the weather is up to it.

This week has been mostly sunny but the temperature has rarely increased above 18 degrees celcius.  Not bad, but then consider it has been 25 degrees most days back on Yorkshire….. 🙁

We have now got our flights to and from the UK sorted up until Easter 2011 – thanks for the help Claire 🙂

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