More furniture information…

We finally got the all clear from the customs people so we are expecting the shipping stuff in the next 4 or 5 days – typically, because they required BOTH x-ray AND full piece by piece search, we have had to pay an additional $500 before they will release our goods 🙁

Then, today, we went out to an outlet furniture shop in the hope to find a piece of furniture that we would be happy with that could be delivered in the next two weeks, to find that we can specify exactly what we want, with whichever fabric (something like 80-90 to choose from), and then to top it all – delivery in under a month !!! Nice.

So, we have bought a three seater settee with built in luxury inflatable queen bed – believe me the inflatable is not a lilo like you would have for on the beach – it is very comfortable – in fairness it needs to be as I suspect that Vicky and Simon will be the ones who have to use it… i.e. if visitors come to stay, it would be less good if Simon woke them on his way out to work @ 6am….

We are heading to Florida for a couple of weeks in three weeks – well Vicky and the boys are – Simon will be travelling out to work from there.

The beach is calling again tomorrow – well after we have breakfast in Los Gatos – going to see if we can set a new routine for Sunday’s with breakfasts 🙂

We will be ensuring that daddy has enough sunscreen this time….

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