Morgan Hill BBQ Competition

We head down to the Morgan Hill BBQ Competition today to see what it was all about.  Basically, about 30 or so “competitors” took over a public car park in the centre of town, and stayed up all last night to cook their meat 🙂

We didn’t end up getting video footage but have plenty of photos – can be found in the gallery – but for now, here is Simon’s favourite….

It seems that the BBQ is typically something that you TOW being your ridiculously large truck OR ride – like this one 🙂 We are actually users of GRILLS – we have learned this today ,and will remember it forever 🙂

We are still struggling to find suitable lounge furniture – we fancy something a little out there – for example, see the below – OK, so before you start ripping into us – think of it like this – this is an American piece – no doubt stolen from elsewhere around the world – but while we are here, we can change our style and nobody knows or cares 🙂

Now, get a load of this bed….

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