6 bloody hours in the ER !!!

Olly’s temperature did not get any better and so when it breached 40 degrees Celsius this lunchtime, we decided that we should take him for professional care :(.  Fortunately the hospital is less than 1/2 mile away, and was not very busy at lunchtime today.

We are not entirely sure if the medics here are way too through OR just very slow.  One thing that is for sure, the NHS would not have been so quick to do chest xrays and the like on the same day 🙂  We ended up spending 6 hours there – or Olly and Vicky did – Simon took Elliot home for the last 45 mins to feed him his tea – Elliot was really well behaved considering we were all stuck in a 8 x10 room for 5+ hours…

Anyway, it is now 9:46pm and they are both in bed asleep, and Olly’s temperature is under control again – in fact the little tyke has been shouting and crawling around the upstairs of the house, keeping us all awake…

Vicky is taking him tomorrow to enroll him with a paediatrician that has been suggested to us by the hospital, so hopefully we will get the doctor surgery sorted as well 🙂

Oh, and while we were sat in the ER room – it was 30 degrees Celsius outside ….. 🙂

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