BIG thank you to Mum and Bernard – your help has been invaluable

Sadly, we have dropped Mum and Bernard off at Sa Francisco airport this afternoon, as they are scheduled to head home.  Thanks for the help this past two weeks, we would not be where we are without your help 🙂

Thankfully (for them) their seats were available, even if they were not next to each other 🙁 and they left San Francisco @ 3:30pm local time.  They will be back in Manchester by 1:30 pm tomorrow (Sunday) local time (travelling via Paris)

On the way home from the airport, we stopped for lunch at the Malibu Grand Prix just off Highway 101 outside Redwood City.  It looks really cool, and we should go back there someday.

We then nipped to Westfield Mall to get Vicky’s iPhone a case – she found a really cool Zagg one, AND we had one fitted to the iPad as well for added protection.

Poor Olly has begun to get the temperature (in fairness it has been about 6 weeks, so this is probably two weeks overdue) issue again so he is not feeling great right about now 🙁  Hopefully tomorrow will be a new day and he will be feeling better – that way, we can sneak out to the park for a walk.

Vicky and Simon have actually managed to lose 3lbs of weight each in the last two weeks – incredible given we have been following the coldstone diet – see their website for details….. Their ice-cream is genuinely of the best we have ever tasted and they will mix up pretty much anything you want right there in front of you – oh yes, and then damned shop is only 2 miles away…..

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