We are in Los Gatos, settling in…

Apologies we have been offline for over a month – we have been moving all our gear out of the house in Ossett (we have rented it out for the next 12 months (starting 1st April) and have now moved to Los Gatos, CA.

We are 10 days in now, and have beds, a couch, a TV with Cable, internet connectivity and post / pans etc.

Oh, and we have got Vicky a new X5.  Simon’s Golf GTI should be with us in a couple of days.  Surreal how straightforward some things are yet, how different they are to obtain than in the UK.

We are using Facebook now as a means of keeping in contact so not sure at this time how up-to-date we will keep these pages.

This weekend has actually been our first relaxing weekend, where we took Simon’s mum and Bernard up to San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, take a trip on a tolley (Cable Car) from Fisherman’s Wharf to the shopping district, and then take a drive down the coast (Route 1).  That was yesterday, today we went to Santa Cruz to the beach etc.  A bit like Blackpool in some respects, but with 15degrees celcius BETTER temperature and none of the masses of slot machines.  Plus it is VERY clean on the beach and surrounding places etc 🙂

Suspect we will be going to the beach fairly frequently (since it only 20-25 minutes away ……

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