Closing in on the house hunting holiday

Vicky and Simon spend 15+ hours in the car between Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, taking Pepsi and Max up to Aviemore where they will be residing with Uncle Tim.  It was a LOOOOOONNNNNNNNG trip up to the snowboarding / skiing centre of the UK (OK, OK, so there is MUCH more to do there besides those things but they are the most well known things).  There is obviously still snow on the mountains and the skiers are still good to go for what looks like a good month or two yet.  There is a photo of the car next to a snowdrift on the road up to the mountain – will put it in below for reference.

We stayed for a whole day (yes that’s right a whole day) and indulged in a few drinks with Tim on Saturday night before heading home @ 9am on Sunday am.  Elliot stayed with his Grandma in Halifax and Oliver with his Grandma in Ossett.  They both seemed to enjoy their respective times, but poor Olly saw Vicky, had a double take (we think as he realised that he had missed her) and then burst into tears – aawww.  He then grabbed onto Vicky and was definitely NOT for letting go 🙂

The dogs seem to have settled in @ Tim’s OK – Max has figured that he can sneak upstairs and sleep in Tim’s bedroom and Pepsi has already begun practising his thieving skills – steal and food items he can find downstairs while Tim and Max sleep upstairs.  Apparently Pepsi has not demonstrated an ability to open crisp packets at this time….

It does seem REALLY quiet in the house without the dogs and will take some real getting used to – so while Tim is finding he needs to buy more food (to count for overnight loss, we are finding that we have too much food since we clearly have been buying 5 to 10 % too much in accordance with the loss overnight 🙂

Oh, and one last thing, Tim was considering buying a new car while we were in the area – this is what he is thinking of apparently….

Clearly whatever is in the air is really kicking his ass 🙁

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