7 Series = SOLD :-) or :-( – not sure yet

Yes, it is gone, and really gone – it is no longer in our possession.

A chap contacted Simon via email last night at just after 9pm, and by just after 10pm the deal struck, and the guy collected the car from the house by 11am today. Cash.

We were scheduled to be at the Bank (HSBC) in Pontefract at 11am to sort the US bank accounts, and on top of that Vicky’s car has been visiting the paint shop to have a scuff on the front bumper sorted, so we were then without a car !!! oops – didn’t think of that did you Rusty?

Anyway – big day today in many respects – we are now a one car family, have a new Bank Account with HSBC and within 10 days or so, will have a new US Bank Account also.

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