Snow doth fall again

We spent yesterday in Halifax @ Grandma’s house, with Auntie Jenny, Uncle Justin, Uncle Dan, Uncle Tiggy, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa, Great Auntie Mary and of course Grandma and Bernhard.  Father Christmas had apparently taken a wrong turn and had actually left some gifts behind there for Elliot and Oliver.  There was a significant quantity of goodies waiting for the boys – enough to fill the boot of the 7 series…

Elliot finally managed to go to sleep @ 01:30 this morning and poor Oliver was [projectile variant] sick last night at 23:30 last night.  So all, in all, another pretty poor night last night – Elliot then didn’t get his lazy butt out of bed until 11:30 this morning!!! Elly, Olly and mummy declined to bother getting out of their pj’s at all day today – nice!  Olly still isn’t eating particularly well unfortunately

We have cleared all of the Christmas decorations away inside the house, and taken the non Disney decorations to Grandmas – they are being stored @ Greenlea while we are away.  The Disney stuff will be shipped over to CA when we go.  The only stuff tat still needs to be done is the icicle lights around the front of the house need to be taken down.

The lounge feels massive again 🙂

We are actually considering selling Fork Hall – we have an estate agent coming around on Monday to value the place.  We met with the mortgage company a couple of days ago to figure out what options we have – i.e. can we rent it out – answer = yes, just need to get official paperwork through – can we get a mortgage holiday – answer – not sure – will find out soon.

Finally, it started to snow again tonight – it has been snowing now for just over an hour and a half and there is almost 2 inches of snow on the ground 🙂  Let’s see what tomorrow brings….

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