All set again :-)

*Lost some of the blog* – apologies

… badly with British Gas NOT showing up, and then when we chased them the people in the service centre told us that the engineer was late and the parts were sorted – the engineer who turned up however stated that there were no parts and that he would not know what they required until he saw for himself 🙁  A call back to the service centre got them to accept that they had not been truthful when they told us the parts were in the van ready to rock and roll.

Anyway, it turns out that the guy who actually came to check it out is a local guy and his experience is to keep a good supply of the parts for the sort of boiler that the new houses in Ossett have – GREAT news.  The hot water is now COMPLETELY FIXED – Yay !!! 🙂

Daddy and Olly nipped into town to get their photos taken for the passports (daddy requires a replacement and Olly just needs one) and have had Olly’s countersigned – thanks Guy – appreciate it – particularly given you guys all have the lurgy :-(.  We will queue tomorrow at the Post Office to get the on a fast track to get them sorted ASAP.

Elly was showing mummy just how to play Mario Kart Wii today – daddy got some video footage as it was very funny seeing mummy go from not caring about the game to really wanting to WIN !!!!

We have a vacation to California booked – we will be travelling out on the 22nd Febraru and returning on the 10th March – we will spend one week in Santa Clara to localte house etc, and then one week down in LA to spend time with the mouse and his mates – courtesy of DisneyLand LA 🙂

Ace – looking forward to this trip……

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