Cold water, ONLY cold water :-(

Just been putting the photo’s onto the computer so here is Elly and Olly’s snowman that daddy and Elly built on Christmas Eve.  Shame that he is almost the only snow left in the garden now – just three days later 🙁

Check it out when the most was here…..

We forgot to mention yesterday – the hot water is not functioning presently here in Fork Hall – it (typically) broke on Christmas Day in the morning – so no warm showers for anyone :-(.  British Gas came out yesterday (it took Vicky to give them a bollocking as they originally suggested Monday – 4 full days after the reported break down – I don’t think so ..>!!!) and it is deemed that the sensors are broken and (of course) the parts need to be ordered and cannot get here until Tuesday…… Brrr. cold washes in the basins until then then….  Fortunately the heating is A-OK 🙂

We are enjoying a day in the house relaxing doing nothing other than playing with new toys 🙂

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