Marry Christmas to all

Well, the snow kept coming, Daddy and Elliot built a snowman in the garden and cleared the drive ready for Granddad to be able to park his car on the drive.

Father Christmas has been to Fork Hall and has been very good to Oliver and Elliot – they have obviously been very good boys this year.

Elliot was opening his presents yesterday morning and took a look at a relatively large parcel and said “that looks space ship sized – I think I’ll open that now” – he was right – it was indeed a spaceship !!!  The spaceship has not been out of his view for the last 24hours – it has clearly and quickly become his favourite toy.

Olly is a little better now as well – he has only had us up 3 to 4 times during the nights for the last couple so we are hoping that he will be back to his usual self very soon.  He has begun to eat properly and the colour has faded away (he looked flushed all of the time) as he has been having trouble with his teeth (not yet showing signs of coming through other than the redness in his cheeks, the severe brownness in the lower cheeks 🙁 and the pissed off ness that he has been showing for 3 weeks !!

We had a really wonderful time at Grandmas’ yesterday with a fab meal, and some good laughs – it was all polished off by a really nice firework display that had been purchased for the occasion.

We walked down there on Christmas Eve for the party and walked back Christmas night (Elly sledged both times on his new sledge that we bought when the snow fell for the second time) – we borrowed Grandmas’ car to get home on Christmas Eve and to get back on Christmas afternoon – Olly was too poorly to be in the cold for that extra amount of time – takes 45 mins to get back (on foot) in the snow time it seems.

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