Back for a while now – Christmas is fast approaching…

Simon has spent the last week in hotels in California and Washington, and has been forced to listening to Christmas music in each hotel.  He even found a radio station that ONLY played Christmas songs in CA- 95.6 FM KOIT 🙂

So, needless to say, Simon is fully Christmas’ed up 🙂

Now all we need is some vacation time and feet up… 🙂

Elliot is beginning to get the Christmas idea and Olly has grown a bit since daddy left for the week – Olly is now much better at sitting up and has started shouting at us when he wants something – the cheeky monkey.

Mummy says that he has learned to roll onto his front now, but then just shouts to be rolled back over 🙂

Tonight, Elliot asked daddy about California and meeting Lightning McQueen and Mack – as in daddy, did you see them in California last week. Daddy explained not but he would look out for him next time.  We then discussed our living in California – all was well until he realised that Pepsi and Max would not come with us – “but they will cry” was the classic response once he realised that they would not be coming with us.  He seemed OK when he realised that they would be staying with Grandma and Jenny and Dan.

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