Thomas Magical Adventure yesterday in Thomas Land

We drove down to the ThomasLand Magical Adventure yesterday – it was nice an quiet in the park so Elliot was able to go on all the rides he wanted as often as he wanted 🙂

It was really nice since there was (obviously) a Christmas theme with snow on the ground and the buildings.  There was lots of heaters around the place to keep the walkways warm, but they were actually not really necessary for yesterday – it was a modest 7degrees 🙂

It ended up being a full day out with us not getting home until 8:15pm, and the boys were pretty much straight into bed.

Today, we are going to try to get all of the Christmas decorations up on the house – will see how we get on since it has just gone midday and daddy still has not got the decorations out.  oh, AND we need to go and buy a new tree…

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