Oliver is able to sit on his own – yay!!

He seems to be a little behind Elliot (from our recollection and looking back in this blog over the last three years) in terms of his being bothered to motivate himself to do things like roll over and sitting up etc.  Alas, Oliver is on the ball for sitting on his own finally.  He has also found chocolate (or choclick as Elliot prefers to call it presently)……


Like all kids, he is already particularly fond of the Cadburys Milk Chocolate goodness that comes in tins at Christmas time with “Roses” written on the outside 🙂

We are trying out using eBay to sell some of our old gear – particularly relevant given that we decided that we ARE going to do the California 2 year trip 🙂 Vicky has listed Oliver’s first car seat (Jane Strata) plus the ISOFix base for it (he outgrew the setup a couple of weeks back), his swing (think we used it twice… 🙁 ), the old Jane AutoCot that we used for both Elliot and Oliver).

We will see how we get on and then consider selling off more stuff that we think will be of use to others – then in the new year we have a 7 series BMW to sell, and various other things that we will need to either skip or find a new home for 🙂

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