Swimming today

For the first time in what seems like weeks and weeks, we went swimming this morning.  Elliot can still manage very well on his own with his armbands, but has forgotten a little bit about the importance of using his arms when swimming 🙁  Oh well, what can we expect having had such a long time off?  Olly still really seems to really enjoy the water.

Unfortunately not long after entering the water we noticed that Elliot was struggling with his right eye – beginning to gung up with yellow crap.  When we finished, and had breakfast we head out to the drop in medical centre in Wakefield City Centre.  Daddy dropped mummy and Elly off at the door and went to park the car.  By the time Daddy had parked, got Olly out and head to the centre, mummy and Elliot had seen a doctor and got a prescription.  Perhaps this part of the NHS works REALLY well  – or certainly it did today.

Another thing – Oliver is too big for his current Jane Strata car seat BUT is too small (really) for the new BMW seat we have for him – just typical :-(.  So, we have used one of the mamas and papas seats that Grandma had for Elly and Tyler when they were younger – this seams to be a suitable winner – it is just the right size for him for the time being.  It is a massive change for Olly as it now means that he is allowed to look forwards when sat in the car – so he spent the entire journey just looking around at all this new stuff that he has not been able to see in the car before.

He is currently in bed, having had a swim, big breakfast, ride out in the car, more scooby lunch, milk and you guessed it ….. no sleep.  We expect he will sleep until 5pm and then not want to go to bed tonight 🙁

On that subject, we have finally managed to knock the 11pm dream feed on the head, so Olly is now having his last big milk feed at around 7:30pm, and then going to bed – he awakens @ around 6:30am and asks to get up at around 7:30am.  We are presently pretty happy with that 🙂

Still not decided what to do regarding the Californian adventure….

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