BIG day tomorrow – wish him luck :-)

Tomorrow is Simon’s BIG day – he has a “small procedure” booked in the afternoon where some doctor is going to take a small scalpel and a soldering iron to his nadgers 🙁 Apparently it ‘only’ takes 10 minutes and is a swift slice with the knife and melting the, sorry SEALING the tubes….. gulp.

Then just 48 hours of rest and all will be OK – apparently no stitches are required – just a little super glue and job will be a good ‘un.

One of the responses from one of the guys @ Simon’s work is simply genius – his response to the whole things was simply “Dude, what’s the problem, it’s only your NUTS!”  He found it considerably funnier than Simon, let me tell you.

Oh well ,this time tomorrow all will be sorted and Simon will have his feet up demanding, err asking Vicky for another drink and to switch the television station over, and to fluff the pillow again please 🙂

Wish him luck…..

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