Big weekend and fun with the Wallace’s

On Thursday, Mia, Vicky and Jon came to stay over for a couple of nights – so we took them to Thomasland in Tamworth.  It was pretty cold, but because it was a Friday, the place was empty – so we could use all facilities multiple times over 🙂  As can be seen above, Elliot rather enjoyed the Troublesome Trucks ride – we had to go on it over and over….

Typically, we had said how well behaved both Elliot and Oliver were being recently, and to prove the opposite, Oliver cried the whole way home from Thomaslnad – Jon particularly enjoyed that experience, and Elliot treated us to some whinging on etc over the entire time 🙂

In fairness to Elly, he did share his toys reasonably well given that Mia was there for 2 full days and three nights.  The only thing he was not up for sharing was his latest Mack (Cars toy).

It has now been two days since the Wallaces’ left, and Elliot is still nipping back into the spare room to see if Mia is there… 🙂

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