Holiday almost over – back to the grind…

So, the week is ALMOST over – we have been swimming this morning at grandma’s, we have played at home with the birthday toys – today we played with the “sandcastle” – this is Elliot speak for the castle and knights that came with it.

We went out for a Chinese meal with David, Julie and Abbie last night – Simon keeps wittering on about it being the best Chinese meal he has ever had – I guess that means we may well be going back there at some point downstream 🙂

We (following the trip to Edinburgh) ordered some replacement headrests for the estate car last week (they contain 9″ LCD screens and DVD players 🙂 ) and fitted them finally yesterday.  We also ordered a DVB-T digital TV tuner at a similar time, and this is also installed.  The headrests are an amazing colour match and the setup works really very well indeed.  And the great news – all in for £275 !!!!

Vicky has ripped into the conservatory over the last couple of days – it kind of points out just how many toys etc that the boys (read Elliot) have.  We need to really cut down, since there are a lot of things that we are now putting in the4 loft / skipping completely.  There is literally NO way Elly would even notice that they have gone.

Elly has really begun to get the hang of Mario Kart on the Wii now – only problem, he likes driving off cliffs and into water…. Not quite the right approach…..

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