Bed too small for our littlest

It was obvious last night as we carefully placed Oliver in the moses basket that is currently sat in his cot bed, that he has now outgrown it.  He is too long for it really even though he does tend to sleep with his legs curled up, and the fact that he now doesn’t sleep inside it, it is more on top of it 🙂

So, last night was the first night Oliver slept in his cot bed without the moses basket.  It was a success once he fell asleep – had a wind problem last night – not unlike his father in honesty.

Elliot still has a temperature (38.5 degrees C last night) that has remained with him throughout today also.  Vicky states that he has been a little quieter although it has not impacted his ability to scatter the damned toys all around the ground floor of the house 🙁

On top of that he emptied the moon sand in the garden over the playground equipment, the grass and the dogs.   Yes, the damned fools hung around long enough to allow him to cover them in the stuff – pillocks !

 Vicky has been working pretty much all week, but has really struggled in getting work done during the days at all – the boys (and Simon on Monday) have been far too demanding – it has left her needing to stay up until 1 and 2am to get the work run through 🙁

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