A day out at Cannon Hall

Olly’s temperature was as suspected – a 24hour thing – he woke up on Friday morning back to normal 🙂  In fact he is now going 3 to 4 hours between feeds so Vicky is more able to do things during the days.

We went to Cannon Hall this morning to have a picnic and to feed the animals etc.  The sun came out but not until the early afternoon – probably a good thing because when it did come out it was definitely skin burning temperatures 🙂

Elliot, Tyler, Becca and Alicia fed the various animals they have available (Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Pigs (and some brand new less than 12 hours old piglets), Goats, Llamas.  At one point one of the goats stole the bag of food right out of Elliot’s hands – Elly was not hugely impressed in fairness 🙂

Photos will come soon – just got to transfer them over and sort them…

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