Heat wave

Wow it has been very hot this last few days – 29+ degrees Celsius pretty much every day this week so far.

Oliver’s operation scars are healing really nicely.  He is now demanding 5 fluid ounces of scoobies on a pretty regular basis – unfortunately this included last night every other hour, on the hour 🙁 No sleep for mummy last night 🙁 At least next week we are all on holiday so daddy can step up to the plate and offer up some sleep 🙂

Got some pictures to share….. Check out this little dude..

What about this one…..

Now, here is a picture of a small boy less than 6 days following a pretty significant operation – do you think he looks in any pain?

Life is just GREAT!!!

Finally, we have a picture of Elliot playing out today in the garden

How grown up does he look then? Cheeky little monkey 🙂

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