Confirmed, the operation IS required :-(

At 10:15 this morning Vicky decided enough was enough and that she was to take Oliver in to A&E.

Simon raced home from the office and met Vicky, Oliver and Clare who had just been ushered onto the examination room.

Oliver was almost immediately given 86ml of saline solution to improve his hydration levels.  Then he was properly examined and we were moved into the children’s ward at Pinderfields.

He had an ultrasound and this confirmed all thoughts – Oliver was indeed suffering from Pyloric Stenosis.

We are now waiting at Pinderfields for a bed to become available at Leeds General Infirmary, at which point we will be transferred and the operation prepared for.  In the mean time, the doctors are presently ensuring that Oliver has enough liquids in his system, and that his blood levels are all correct – they are presently not quite right – in fact they indicate that the issue has been prevalent for about 7 days or so.

Vicky is staying over tonight with Oliver and Simon has come home to spend time with Elliot and take him to school first thing tomorrow.

More as we know more ….

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