Sicky, sicky, sicky…

We changed Oliver’s formula earlier in the week to try to help him out – he has been struggling to number 2 and looks like he will burst a blood vessel in his head when his pushes. With him having the red complexion, it probably looks far worse than it really is, but Vicky did some research and found that “Aptomil” *may* be a better alternative to SMA Gold that we have been using.

We are now 48 hours into it, and he is definitely NOT struggling to unload his unrequired (left over) food (small quantity in each nappy and the smell has reduced drastically), BUT has thus far unloaded it twice orally all over Daddy and the bed 🙁  Yes, as funny as it may be, changing the bed sheets every day is not a favourable option, and for some reason, Simon is not prepared to sleep on rubber sheets.

We will continue with the new food until we run out of it, as it has so far been the same feed (very first one after night time (3 – 4am) big feed) where the prompt ejection notice has been served.  We are kind of wondering if he takes too much on that 3-4am feed and of course doesn’t really bring much wind back up, hence is a waiting milk implosion.  The flatulence is slightly down which (I guess) means it has to come up, and is now bringing the [slightly digested] milk up with it 🙁

Elliot has woken up this morning (early) with a temperature – two teaspoons of Calpol, and literally within 3 or 4 minutes, he is fighting fit – incredible stuff.

Tiredness kicked Elly’s ass yesterday – he slept for about and hour in the car, and then fell asleep on the dining room floor as we were trying to suggest he ate some tea – it was only 6pm.  He was in bed and asleep by 6:15pm !!

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