The only way is up, baby !!! :-)

On his last midwife check-up on Wednesday, we found that Oliver has finally begun to put some weight on 🙂 He has put on 3oz so is now weighing in at 7lbs 12oz. The panic (that was almost about to begin) is not required fortunately. The downside to all of this is that he has figured out that he would like to be (and can be) fed every hour on the hour – regardless of whether it light or dark outside. He does not discriminate the dark hours 🙁 So, we had two weeks of reasonable sleep and now poor Vicky is getting next to now sleep during the night and little chance during the day either. We have obtained an electric milk extraction device so that maybe we can bottle some booby scooby and then daddy could do a couple of night shifts….. Simon took Vicky’s car down to the garage for a quick check-up following the battery discharging itself twice in a week – it transpires that all is OK and that it is purely lack of use that caused the issue. Makes sense I guess, but still we needed to be sure that all was OK, if Vicky is going to be out in it with the boys 🙂 The conservatory folks are coming back a week tomorrow to hopefully fix the leak in the conservatory roof – we wait with baited breath….

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