Rusty Boys

We went to see Elliot and Oliver’s’ Great Grandma and Grandpa yesterday – the Rust boys photo is below….

We had a good night sleep last night – well 2 4 hour sleeps – not half bad 🙂

Elliot has been at Nursery today and Simon has finally taken the scrap (from the front garden) to the tip 🙂 He can be such a lazy waster at times…. To make the job a little more complex, Simon loaded up the 5 series, got the card to grant access to the actual recycle centre, got in the car, turned the key……and …….nothing.  The car battery was flat 🙁  1 hour later, following a short charge, all was OK again  and the engine burst into life – the 10 mile trip that ensued, hopefully will have charged it enough.

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