Half way through anothr Bank Holiday weekend :-(

We had a fab day yesterday – the sun shone most of the day, and the new charcoal BBQ worked out pretty well – for a first go, we did not have any crucified food and the grill cleaned up pretty well after use.  The downside? OK, so Simon did stink of burning coals – gas grills have not had that effect 🙂  So far, Simon is tres pleased with the purchase – let’s just see if that feeling lasts…. 🙂

It has been on and off sunshine vs. rain today, so we are hoping that tomorrow, the rain stays away and the sun shines through.

Pepsi and Max helped themselves to the remaining 1/3 of Simon’s birthday cake, at least a dozen large bread rolls, some biscuits and probably some other stuff.  The cheeky little buggers then asked for their tea a couple of hours later !!!!!

We had a nice meal down at Richard and Becky’s tonight.

Oh, yea, and Oliver is still showing no signs of coming out 🙁  We even have Elliot asking him to come out now – We mentioned that once Oliver is here, we could go on a little holiday – strangely Elliot seems to have a new found motivation to ask his brother to come and join us all 🙂

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