Induction booked :-(

So, we saw the midwife today and it has got to the point where they book an induction – just in case he doesn’t arrive in due course.  Simon was amazed that they actually leave it 12 days overdue before inducing in Dewsbury !!!!

So, for those who can count, that makes induction day, Wednesday 13th May 2009.

We REALLY hope that something happens before then – it seems so far away from right now 🙁

Elliot was up for 21/2 hours last night and wanted mummy and only mummy, and it is currently 23:46 and he has just awoken again with a similar need.  Wondering if he is having a nasty dream of some kind.  Let’s hope that it sorts itself out pretty quickly – less good if we have two little boys in the house who are up at all hours, needing mummy’s attention 🙁

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