Happy Birthday Tyler

Happy 3rd birthday little fella…

Still no signs of Oliver – actual due date is this Friday so he is cutting it fine.  Elliot was all of 15 days late, so we are really hoping that we don’t have another 3 weeks before Oliver shows his face – Vicky is certainly hoping 🙁

He is getting awfully close to being the visitor who has outstayed their welcome, yet continues to eat you out of house and home and not actually putting anything of value into the kitty each week….

On other matters, Tim came over on Saturday and spent a few hours with us – great to see him and he is in good shape for an old guy from Scotland 🙂  Hope to see you again soon buddy.  Elliot has not put down the cars Tim brought for him since 🙁

Simon took the old BBQ and the fridge out of the bar area on the deck on Sunday afternoon, ready to make their way to the scrap yard.  We are deciding what to do with a replacement outdoor grilling device – presently Simon is thinking that we should return to the charcoal type for that proper BBQ cooked food 🙂

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