A little swimmer

Today, Elliot has swum his first width of Grandma’s swimming pool 🙂 When Simon got home, all Elliot was interested in telling him was his swimming in the pool 🙂  He has only really had three 30 minute swimming session in the last 2 weeks and already he is well balanced in the pool (with his arm bands of course) and can turn himself around, oh yes, and swim from one side of the pool to the other of course.

I suspect he is going to want to spend more time in Grandma’s pool now that he has found this exciting new pastime 🙂

Other news – Oliver is not sitting pretty it seems – looks like he is setup across mummies tummy rather than head down, so the midwife is suggesting that he may need to come out early and under the assistance of a knife or two 🙁 Will know more next week – mummy has to head back for another checkup.

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