5 Series servies – HALF usual price :-)

Vicky’s car has been in for a service today – it has actually not needed servicing for over 18 months !!! Awesome.

Anyway, the local BMW dealership quoted just over £400 to do the Inspection 1 service and Air Conditioning service.  So, we located a BMW specialist (happens to be 200 yards down the road from Sandal BMW) who did the same job for £188 all in – result.

The only downside is that they did not reset the date based indicator – so I guess it is going back for that doing – not a major piece of work though I wouldn’t have thought.

Simon needs to check the iPod integration in the car as Vicky has suggested that it no longer functions 🙁 Hopefully just a job for a steady hand and a soldering iron… so Simon has already figured out what a new one will cost 🙂

Still no joy on a iPod kit for the 7 🙁

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