Arctic winter? Well it only damned well arrived…

We all though that the weatherfolks were going mad – talking of sub-zero temperatures (OK, well prob not about that bit) and feet of snow.  On Sunday night, it actually arrived with about 3 inches overnight and then another 3 between 6 am and lunch time on Monday.  The motorway network handled it well, but for some reason it came as a huge surprise to all the councils around the country – 5 days notice just wasn’t enough – or perhaps they all thought the same as us..

Bottom line was we saw all London bus service being cancelled, 11 out of 12 London tubes were either not running at all or on severe limp home mode.  Isn’t it great how the British people just can’t deal with some snow.  I’m sure it wasn’t as screwed up 25 years ago when we got proper snow every year – I really don’t recall the whole of the country grinding to a halt, with hundreds of schools closing etc.  Someone said to me yesterday, the schools closing is probably because they can’t shift the ice and snow from the pathways.  OK, when I was at school, the snow never got INSIDE, so how come it must do today then? Craziness everywhere

Also, apparently more than 6 million people did not make it to work yesterday because of the snow!! Incredible, given the economic marketplace, you would really have thought people would try a little harder – next week they may well be the unlucky ones who don’t need to turn up at work at all.  They can look forward to a long (unscheduled) holiday break while they find their next job.

Hey, good news on the car front – Simon took it down last night to the dealership here in Wakefield – drives VERY admirably in the snow BTW – and WALKED home – yep, walked the 4 or 5 miles (prob only 3 🙂 ) back home.  Least he could do for breaking it in the first place is what Vicky has to say.  Anyway, the cost is not quite the £800 that Simon was anticipating, and has actually come in at almost 1/2 that – £430 all done and will be back at ForkHall Wednesday night.  Great news, now just have the find the £430…..

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