Simon’s an idiot – did you not know already?

On the way to pick up his new spectacles, we were in Mirfield and Simon thought he could get around the inside of a truck that was turning right.  The car fit through the gap, BUT the truck then turned right and in doing so the rear of said truck ran out to the left and rather handily and neatly removed the drivers side door mirror from the car, smashing it in the process leaving it hanging by the wires that are used to heat and move the glass in it.  Pillock does not cover it fully 🙁

The car is not going to be usable for a few days since the drivers side mirror is pretty vital to one’s safety.

Vicky will drop it off at Sandal BMW on Monday and they will rape Simon’s wallet at some point later in the week.

At least Vicky didn’t go on at Simon for the mistake – Simon is definitely very thankful for that.  Maybe later in the week (just after the cost comes in) he will be ready for the deserved ridiculing.

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