The lurgy’s in town :-(

Well, we didn’t make the swimming on Sunday as Elliot and mummy were not up to it and had colds starting.  Simon foolishly mentioned that he doesn’t get the illness like this, and yes, he came home early on Monday with the lurgy – prat !

He spent all night shivering but was OK by late morning.  Vicky is coming down with the same issue again but harder tonight and to compound it more Oliver is growing and stretching so Vicky is pretty darned uncomfortable and can’t really take anything to deal with the pain etc.  Bummer.

We have sorted out a nursery for Elliot today so he will be doing two mornings a week from next Tuesday – apparently he didn’t want to leave today when Vicky took him to show him round again.  So it looks like we will be OK in leaving him there next week 🙂

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