Oh wow, it is VERY cold…

It seems that since the clocks went back an hour on Sunday (marking the end of British Summer Time 🙂 ) it has been just REALLY cold.  For example, for the past three mornings, Simon’s car had needed to have the ice scraped from the windows :-(.   This also signifies a point that Simon’s car is now sleeping outside – looks like it may be a permanent situation.  In fairness when the car is in the garage it is a pain to get around, and given that Elly likes to play in the garage, a few of his messier toys are out there (moon sand, paints and the like).

We took all of the furniture out of the 3rd bedroom on Sunday and had a general tidy of the stuff in there – ended up with two visits to the local recycle centre to dump several dozen pairs of shoes amongst other things – yes she finally let go of them – they have lived in the wardrobe in that room since we moved in – 51/2 years)

Elliot will be (before Christmas) moving into this bedroom so we needed to clear out the existing stuff.  So, the garage is full of the wardrobes etc and we are considering popping them on eBay just to rid our selves of them easily.

We built up Elly’s car bed – a really cool bed and he loves it.  Just need a mattress and other general bedroom furniture.  Hence will take up to Christmas to sort.  Disney Cars seems to be a general theme that we are playing with presently.

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