Conservatory nearing completion :-)

Yes, I know you have read this before, but it really is nearly done – a big thanks to the Thompson’s for helping out with the network cabling (well David for helping and Julie for letting him 🙂 ) this weekend – the SKY HD image is now viewable in HD in the conservatory at the same time as in the main lounge – great result.  Similarly, we can now control the SKY channel etc from the conservatory – saves getting up and changing it in the lounge – another great result. – all via structured cabling around the house 🙂

We only await the AV receiver……. then we will be done.

The conservatory people are coming tomorrow afternoon to replace the scratched windows, fix the rainfall down pipe that they disturbed and refit the roof – hopefully then we will be done and they can claim their final £500 payment and disappear.

Elliot’s birthday is now just around the corner and so we are planning a little party for him on Thursday afternoon at 4pm round at the house.

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