The cost is spiralling :-(

The cinema system in the conservatory is spiralling somewhat – Vicky decided that the SKY picture is not really good enough – so Simon did a little investigating and found the following HDMI extender via the network – WOW.  A very handy way to extend the HDMI signal into the conservatory from the lounge SKY box without losing any signal quality – so in theory, we will be watching SKY HD images in full High Def in a couple of weeks.

The AMP and speakers have now been shipped, as has the HDMI extender 🙂  Just need to get some more Cat5e cable to make it all happen.  Think we may also end up with some outdoor speakers in the decking area, given that we will be popping some holes through the conservatory wall for the network cables for HDMI, might as well geet some speaker cables in 🙂

Oh well, you only live once and Elliot will be catered for financially…..

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