Yesterday, we all went to Blackpool with Fabrizio, Rhiannon, Sophie and Francesco, and we had a great time.  The weather was really nice for the whole day and we walked from Blackpool Tower right the way up to the South Pier and Pleasure Island.  We saw the Sea Life Centre, rode on some cars, busses, trains, boats and more cars.  We do have lots of photographs but have not yet got them ready 🙁

There was a huge firework display as we were leaving that Elliot missed as he litterally fell asleep within 5 minutes of getting into his ‘jamas and getting into the car seat.  SO he missed the Illuminations as well 🙁

The Illuminations were terrific and Vicky and Simon really enjoyed them all – we did get all of them on video.

Today we have been out to Roundhay Park to play on the slides and get an ice cream etc.

Eliot had a lovely sleep this afternoon so we are unsure of the ability to sleep this evening …..


Today we went to Diggerland in Castleford since Elliot loves tractors so much, we thought it a good idea to let him ride on and maybe even drive some 🙂

The weather was really nice, Elliot a little cheesed off (his last few teeth are making their way out presently – makes for nice tantrums, hands in mouth and strong smelling tikka masala sauce down below 🙁 ) and the entry price a paltry (!!!) £30 – wow – 15 UKP each for Vicky and Simon and Elliot got in for free since he was under 3.

We soon found out why he got in free – there was actually very little he was able to do – it was all well set out, and if the kids are 5 or more then they will have a blast at this place.  So, we had a quick bite to eat and played in the indoor centre – £30 is a lot of cash to play in a play centre for 45 minutes !!

Oh well, been there , done that – maybe we will go back in a few years time.

So, Vicky spent some of the afternoon having a nice sleep (V got up with Elliot this AM while lazy sod Simon staying in bed until gone 9am !!), while Simon and Elliot playing in the garden on the slide etc.

Happy 2nd Birthday Elliot Jack

2 years old already – the little guy is a little boy now and not a baby anymore 🙁  We were watching him watch the television yesterday and no longer did we see our baby – we saw a cheeky little boy who was clearly about to get up to no good 🙂

Mummy has been working tres hard baking cakes for all to enjoy later today at his party – 4pm.  Elliot’s birthday cake(s) are truly awesome this year – all individually baked and decorated cars – that’s right Elly’s favourite 🙂

We hope you all enjoy the party and that Elliot understand that he needs to let others play with his toys…..

They came, they failed…. again :-(

I guess as expected, the conservatory folks showed up, didn’t actually have the details of what they were here to do, other than they had 4 windows to fit.  So, guess what, they didn’t get all completed – now there’s a surprise.  We still have a gaping hole in the section where the two parts of the roof connect – the solution today was to push in a whole load of rubber cement – hardly a solution and to make it worse, they only managed to fill 40% of the areas requiring treatment…. !!!!

The guy that turned up later tonight to drop off the keys for the windows (and we suspect to collect the final payment – yea right) wasn’t expecting to be invited in and shown the poor show that his team had delivered for us….