New York, New York

Simon travelled from Denver to New York last night, landing in Laguardia airport just before midnight.  Arrived at the hotel ( at just before 1am to find that the room type was not available and the room would be a twin bed setup – no major drama, until he got to the room.  Seemed like something out of a porn film (apparently) with one wall completely covered in mirrors – presumably to make the room feel bigger – Simon could almost reach each wall if he held his arms out at length – GREAT.  To make matters worse, this room was costing almost $500 USD per night …. Outrageous

Anyway, the room was swapped first thing on Tuesday morning and while Simon now has a more relaxing room, it is not that much bigger than previous and the great news is – no mirrored walls and the bathroom is clean 🙂

There isn’t even a desk, and when Simon asked for one, the kind lady behind the counter pointed out that none of the rooms in the hotel were big enough for desks unfortunately – oh how tempting it was to ask how they justified their $500 per night …… A pointless question really.

4 more days to go….

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