Simon is on another US trip

Simon set off yesterday morning to the airport on a long trip over to Denver USA( followed by New York for a few days).  When he called home from Heathrow airport just before the big flight over to Denver, he chatted to Vicky and Elliot.  Just before the call was concluded, Elliot said “Dada, love you” – came as quite a surprise and certainly was very emotional for Simon for the duration of the flight over.  Times like these are tough, very tough, as Simon really wanted to return home and not go on the trip, although he knew he had to go.

As it stands Simon will be home in 5 days and all will be good again, but for the time being Simon is very pleased to have the iPod Touch with the photos etc on it 🙂

The iPod Touch is a really great way to watch movies – Simon watched one during the wait in Heathrow for the connection over to Denver and is planning on watching another film on the flight to New York from Denver (sat in departure lounge at Denver airport presently).  If only the device had bigger storage capacity…

Elliot was less keen to advise daddy that he loved him today – was far too concerned with playing with his toys in the bath.  Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to set up video conferencing to the TV in the lounge at home so we can see each other – will be nice if it all plays properly.

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