Floor done, what’s next ?

The flooring is done and now all skirting boards finished off and filled etc it looks awesome.  If I could be bothered to get out the camera I would photograph it but let’s be honest, that is just plain sad,

Now, if anybody out there is considering the acquisition of a Sony PS3 games console, do not waste your time thinking about it – just go and buy one.  They are simply the coolest machine ever.  Gran Turismo 5 is an awesomely well put together game – so well put together that the remaining three games are still in their boxes… 🙂

We were in search of a TV cabinet for the lounge at the weekend, and ended up buying a suite for the conservatory (that we have not yet got – more about in a mo) the TV cabinet and THEN started looking at small LCD TV’;s for the conservatory also.  Typically, once you have expereienced 1080p gaming on a nice LCD, nothing else is good enough – so we will be in search of a 32″ LCD in the next few weeks – it is really going to have to deliver 1080p to gain wall space in the house 🙂

Simon spoke with the conservatory people today and found that we are looking to get the planning info back on the 15th July and then work can commence on building – you never know, we *may* be in place for Elliot’s 2nd birthday !!

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