Not that you can tell, but still NO internet @ ForkHall

BT are finally coming out to the house to try to fix the connection – I think that this is a clear statement of intent – NOBODY has been out to the exchange to look into this for us and they have no intention of doing so UNTIL the day they come out to see the house also.

Simon was at a Paul McKenna NLP training course during all of last week so was unable to be around when BT wanted to come out to see it all.  So as a result they are coming on Wednesday 30th April (this Wednesday) to try to get it sorted.  This will mean that the total time from the first issue report to BT to that day will be a little over 5 weeks !!!

It will be interesting to see just how easy it is to get a refund on the internet charges for the 5 + weeks of unavailability.

The NLP training was really good with Paul McKenna fronting the gig and Michael Neill and Richard Bandler also being there as the main trainers.  The course was in London and was 7 days 9:30am to 6:30pm with a closing time of 7:30pm on Wednesday and Saturday.  It was a really intensive course and Simon met some very well, weird people with some pretty serious issues.  For example, a lady had survived the London bombings on public transport a few years back and was suffering 1 to 2 hours of recall moments every single day.  Not a nice picture / movie was on replay in the poor woman’s head – I hope that she continues to be successful in flashin it out of her mind – it was certainly seemingly working during last week 🙂

I leave you with just one sentence … .”look into my eyes……”

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